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Table of Allomantic Metals
PHYSICAL Pushing Pulling Pulling Pushing MENTAL
External Steel Steel (Coinshot)
Pushes on Nearby Metals
Iron Iron (Lurcher)
Pulls on Nearby Metals
Zinc Zinc (Rioter)
Enflames (riots) Emotions
Brass Brass (Soother)
Dampens (soothes) Emotions
Internal Pewter Pewter (Thug)
Increases Physical Abilities
Tin Tin (Tineye)
Increases Senses
Copper Copper (Smoker)
Hide Allomantic Pulses
Bronze Bronze (Seeker)
Can Hear Allomantic Pulses
Internal Duralumin Duralumin (Duralumin Gnat)
Enhances Current Metal Burned
Aluminum Aluminum (Aluminum Gnat)
Wipes Internal Allomantic Reserves
Gold Gold (Augur)
Reveals Your Past Self
Electrum Electrum (Oracle)
Reveals Your Future
External Nicrosil Nicrosil (Nicroburst)
Enhances Allomantic Burn of Target
Chromium Chromium (Leecher)
Wipes Allomantic Reserves of Target
Cadmium Cadmium (Pulser)
Slows Down Time
Bendalloy Bendalloy (Slider)
Speeds Up Time
ENHANCEMENT Pushing Pulling Pulling Pushing TEMPORAL

The table of Allomantic metals as it is organised on the poster.