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Waxillium Ladrian

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Waxillium Ladrian
by Ben McSweeney
House Ladrian
Ancestors Breeze, Allrianne
Siblings Telsin
Spouse Lessie (first marriage),
Steris Harms (second marriage)
Relatives Vwafendal (grandmother),
Edwarn (uncle)
Born 299 PC
Abilities Skimmer, Coinshot
Aliases Dawnshot, Asinthew
Profession Lawman
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Waxillium Ladrian, Wax for short, is a Twinborn and High Lord of House Ladrian on Scadrial. He lived as a lawman for twenty years in the Roughs, but returned to Elendel to become High Lord of his House when his uncle allegedly died in some sort of carriage accident. Wax's sister, Telsin, is also presumed dead from the same accident.

His Terris name is Asinthew.[1]

Wax was romantically involved with a female lawkeeper named Lessie out in the Roughs, but she was shot after being held hostage by the infamous criminal Bloody Tan.

Wax's best friend is Wayne, a fellow lawman from the Roughs. Wax helped Wayne turn his life around after Wayne accidentally shot and killed a man while trying to steal from him.

After returning to Elendel, Wax reluctantly decides to court and marry Steris, in a mutual agreement to benefit both their houses. Eventually, he becomes attracted to her and fascinated by her idiosyncrasies, leading them to fall in love and marry for emotional reasons, not financial ones.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Wax has muttonchops and likes wearing a mistcoat. He also prefers "Roughs" attire to Elendel fashion, seen in his wearing of Dusters and Roughs-style hats.

Wax is mistrustful of noble society, disliking their internal politics that he calls "the games." He admires the simplicity of the Roughs, where arguments are solved quickly and easily, compared to in Elendel, where the houses hide their true intentions.


Notable Cases[edit]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Metallic Arts[edit]

Waxillium is a Crasher; a Coinshot and Skimmer Twinborn.[2] The combination of these abilities makes Waxillium a particularly dangerous individual, since the strength of a Steelpush is largely dependent on the mass of the Allomancer.


Waxillium is an extremely skilled Coinshot.[2] Perhaps the biggest mark of his mastery is his ability to regulate the strength of his Steelpushes. Generally, Allomancers find it to hard to maintain a fine control over their Steelpushes, so instead most opt to regulate the length of the time of them. Levitating without bobbing up and down, for example, requires extreme discipline that few Allomancers can achieve; most use short bursts of Steelpushes, fall down, then Push again.[3] Waxillium is able to apply enough pressure on a small metal rod to make it stick to the side of a table without moving the table itself with ease.[4]

Wax also uses his ability to form a defensive bubble around himself that doesn't affect his own metal items but Pushes bullets coming at him off course slightly; to enhance the velocity of his bullets, Pushing them after being shot to force them through an opponents cover;[5] and to travel in the air, in combination with his Skimmer ability to regulate his mass.[2] Wax doesn't appear to use the most obvious ability of a Coinshot very often, as he had to be reminded that he could launch a bullet without a gun,[6] although he always uses steel for his third vest button as an extra metal reserve or to use as a weapon in emergencies.[7]

Wax's instinctive ability to create a steel bubble is a result of him being an Allomantic savant.[8]

Waxillium prefers Stagin's whiskey in his Allomantic vials. Steris prefers to use cod-liver oil in the vials that she prepares for Wax.

Whiskey is bad for you, Lord Waxillium. A wife must look out for her husband’s health.
— Steris[9]


As a Skimmer, using iron metalminds, Wax can store his weight at the cost of being lighter than normal, and tap the storage to become heavier. Wax constantly stores his weight to make him about a three quarters of his normal weight, making him lighter on his feet. He also uses this ability to navigate vertically in combination with steelpushing and a shotgun. Wax doesn't tap in to his weight very often, preferring to store it to be lighter, as a result, the sheer amount of weight he can tap in to allows him to quite easily fall straight through a floor with no effort.


Waxillium has an earring with a slight Hemalurgic charge. It is unknown what type of charge it is. The earring is a feature of Pathism, adherents to the religion often wear metal earrings while praying. This enables Harmony to communicate directly with him.[10] It was given to him by the kandra MeLaan.[11]

Other Skills[edit]

Wax is a talented marksman, preferring to use two guns at once. He has been shown to shoot a bullet that was put off course by the speed bubble of a Slider, scoring a lethal shot as a result.[6] However, due to a traumatic misfire that resulted in the death of a loved one, Wax developed a nervousness when facing a hostage situation.

Wax also practices basic metallurgy as a hobby and is shown to be a talented investigator.


Preceded by
Head of House Ladrian
Succeeded by
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