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Featured Article: Manywar

Map of T'Telir, the capital of Hanald (later Hallandren)
What some are calling a 'simple quelling of rebel factions' could easily spin into another Manywar. Do you want that? Thousands upon thousands dead? Kingdoms falling to never rise again?
Bebid, a priest of Brightvision.

The Manywar was a global conflict on Nalthis that involved the nations of Hanald (the original name of Hallandren), Kuth, Huth, Pahn Kahl, Tedradel, and Gys. It occurred about three hundred years before the events of Warbreaker.

Roots of the Conflict

The Tears of Edgli

The Tears of Edgli had made Hanald an economic powerhouse. The dyes that they produced were vibrant and prized throughout Nalthis. However, the Tears could only grow in Hanald's climate. Other nations were jealous and wished to take control of Hanald so they could profit from the dyes.

Awakening Developments

The process of Awakening Lifeless had already been developed before the Manywar. However, the Commands that had been known previously required fifty Breaths to create a single Lifeless. This arrested the ability for large amounts of Lifeless troops to be used in combat, it was simply too costly.

However, one of the Five Scholars, Shashara, was spurred by Yesteel's development of ichor-alcohol into making a new discovery. She invented a Command that allowed for the creation of a Lifeless with a single Breath. Together these discoveries allowed rulers to effectively double the size of their armies; along with the fact that the new troops did not eat, take pay, or feel pain and fear. Larger standing armies could be created. This made the Manywar the first conflict on Nalthis to utilize Lifeless in great numbers. Powerful Awakeners and siege engines such as ropes Awakened to throw boulders would also be used in combat. The power disparity between those with the new Lifeless Command and those without was another cause of the Manywar.

New Commands were also being discovered rapidly, a golden age of Awakening took place, due in part to the Five Scholars. These new discoveries helped further learning and knowledge, but they also provided dangerous weapons. The House of Idris, ruling family of Hanald, were particularly interested in Awakening, and gained powerful Awakeners and Lifeless.

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