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Steris Harms

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Steris Harms
by User: Exmakina
Parents Jackstom Harms
Siblings Marasi
Spouse Waxillium Ladrian
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Steris Harms is a noblewoman on Scadrial.

She arranged a marriage between herself and Waxillium Ladrian for the benefit of both their families; the Ladrians needed money, and the Harms needed a heightened social standing.[1] She was kidnapped by the Vanishers for her potential Allomantic powers, though while Steris has not stated one way or the other whether she actually has any allomantic abilities at all[2], Marasi has sworn that she (Steris) does not. Wax, Wayne and Marasi proceeded to rescue her.[3]

She has blonde hair she tends to keep in a neat bun. She is not very daring in her wardrobe choices, choosing things that are nice-looking and fashionable, but not daring.

She is ridiculously thorough and logical, as evidenced by the marriage contract between herself and Waxillium[1], as well as by the planner she keeps on her person at least while attending social events. Her planner details exactly what she (and Waxillium) will be doing at that social event including time of arrival and means of arrival, and the people she will have the two of them speak with at that event.[4]

She has stated that she studies social norms in order to be able to "fit in" at social functions, and that she does not necessarily agree with all of the things considered social norms by the court. She has also openly called herself boring.[5]

Steris is on the autism spectrum.[6]

She spent most of the hunt for Bleeder in a safe house after being put there by Marasi. She has grown close to Wax, as evidenced by the fact that she was able to comfort him when Marasi, and even Wayne, were unable to.[7]


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