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Species Kandra
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn (series)

MeLaan is a kandra of the Seventh Generation.[1]

"Here's a tip, kid. Save the wisecracks until your foe is dead. Like this. See how easy it is?" She kicked the corpse in the face.[2]
— MeLaan being awesome

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She wears a willowy True Body made of wood. Its form is unnatural and exaggerated, as are many of the True Bodies of her generation.[3]



MeLaan was the only kandra raised by TenSoon.[4] She has a hero-worship crush on him, inspired by his gruffness and his adventurousness, which makes TenSoon somewhat uncomfortable.[5]

MeLaan attends TenSoon's judgement trial. After he is publicly imprisoned, she approaches him and offers to help him escape. She also offers to retrieve the Blessing of Potency he took from OreSeur. She believes his claim that Vin is the Lord Ruler's heir, and that the kandra's First Contract has been transferred to her. She takes the changes in the outside world –- the mists that remain during the day and constant ashfall -– as signs and proof.

When TenSoon refuses to rebel against the First and Second Generations, she accuses him of abandoning his people. She is present at his sentencing, after which he escaped.

After KanPaar revolts against the first generation and imprisons Sazed, TenSoon returns to the Kandra Homeland. He finds Sazed has been taken prisoner with the help of MeLaan. MeLaan then fetches the keys to release the first generation, as well as bones for them to inhabit.[6]

Era 2[edit]

She is the kandra who gives Waxillium Ladrian his earring.[7]

MeLaan once again meets Wax at Lady ZoBell's party. She introduces herself as Milan, a slight mispronunciation of her real name. After seeming to flirt with Wax, she walks away.

After the party, she saves Wax from the Set agents who had ambushed him. She reveals that she is a kandra sent by Harmony to help him.

Later, she meets Wax, Wayne, and Marasi at a tavern. She goes on to help them on their quest to defeat Bleeder.


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