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Rashek movie concept.jpg
Died 1022 FE
Abilities Feruchemist, Allomancer, Sliver
Titles Lord Ruler, Sliver of Infinity, the Father
Nationality Terrisman
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn: The Final Empire
I did not make a mistake. I have never made a mistake. However, it is time for a change.
—The Lord Ruler's words after lord prelan Tevidian Tekiel's death.[1]

Rashek was a Feruchemical Terrisman from Scadrial.


He led Alendi to the Well of Ascension and killed him, under instructions from his uncle, Kwaan. He then took and used the power of Preservation, ascending to become the Lord Ruler.


As he was using the power of the Well, he changed many aspects of life on Scadrial.

  • He moved the planet closer to its star in order to burn the mist away.
  • As a result of the new orbit, he added a number of active volcanoes to the planet, which allowed him to cool the world down a bit.
  • The new climate of the planet needed drastically different plants to be created.
  • He created or changed microbes to break down the ash as part of their metabolic functions.
  • He altered mankind so that they would survive the continuous ashfall.
  • He transformed all living Feruchemists into mistwraiths, creating the first of the species.
  • He changed his most favoured allies to be taller, stronger, more intelligent and less fertile to create the nobles.
  • He changed his enemies into the skaa, making them shorter, hardier, and more fertile.
  • He converted all the Terris Worldbringers to kandra.
  • He flattened the original Terris homeland, where the Well of Ascension was and built Kredik Shaw on top of it .
  • He raised mountains in the North and named the location Terris.
  • He became functionally immortal, compounding both gold and atium.
  • He gained knowledge of all three Metallic Arts on Scadrial, allowing him to develop the three hemalurgic constructs that existed in the Final Empire.

The Final Empire[edit]

The Lord Ruler, by Ben McSweeney

He formed the Final Empire, partly as a means of revenge against the people he viewed as encroaching on Terris land[2], and conquered the whole of the world. He was obsessed with order, and he subjugated all but ten foreign kings, who he made Mistborn and allowed them to rule over the masses.[3] He made use of both Allomantic and Feruchemical powers in order to Compound to keep himself alive, and even had Hemalurgic piercings to produce some of his most dramatic powers.[4] The Lord Ruler was also called Sliver of Infinity by the people of the Final Empire.[5][6][7]

The Lord Ruler said his empire lasted a thousand years. More specifically, it had lasted 1024 years. [8]

He was killed by Vin during the skaa rebellion that led to the Collapse.

He suffered much beneath Ruin's hand, but he was a good man, who ultimately had honorable intentions.
Sazed on Rashek's corruption by Ruin. A note on the reverse of the flower picture in a book written by Sazed after his ascension.[9]


Let the executions begin.
—The Lord Ruler, after killing Kelsier.[10]
"My lord," Tevidian said, turning away from her. "Look outside your window! Do we not have better things to discuss? The entire city is in rebellion! Skaa torches light up the night, and they dare go out into the mists. They blaspheme in riots, attacking the keeps of the nobility!" "Let them," the Lord Ruler said in an uncaring voice.
Tevidian and the Lord Ruler arguing about the skaa rebels[1]
God cannot be killed. God cannot be overthrown. Your rebellion—you think I haven't seen its like before? You think I haven't destroyed entire armies on my own? What will it take before you people stop questioning? How many centuries must I prove myself before you idiot skaa see the truth? How many of you must I kill!
—The Lord Ruler[11]
You don't know what I do for mankind. I was your god, even if you couldn't see it. By killing me, you have doomed yourselves...
—The Lord Ruler's final words[11]


He is aware of the possibility of life on other planets in the cosmere, but has no interest or experience in leaving Scadrial. If he so wished, he could have left Scadrial during his Ascension.[12]

He has a swivel chair.[1][13]


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