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Related to Ruin
Focus Metal
Prerequisites None
Type End-Negative
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn trilogy
“Hemalurgy is a power about which I wish I knew far less.”
—The Hero of Ages[1]

Hemalurgy is one of the three prime manifestations of Investiture on Scadrial. The natives of that world consider it one of the three Metallic Arts. It is the least understood of the three Arts.

Lore & Background[edit]

Hemalurgy is of Ruin and destruction, by taking abilities from one person and giving reduced amounts to another, net power is lost. Ruin's self appointed purpose of breaking everything in the universe into the smallest possible pieces is the key to Hemalurgy, gain to one, at a high cost to all. Hemalurgy is named for the connection of blood, involves death in the transfer of powers and is the most mysterious of the three Metallic Arts, creating some of the most exotic things in the Final Empire. At its core, it involves precise stabbing of a hemalurgic spike in a person's vital organ, stealing abilities, then specific placement in one of two to three hundred "bind points" in the recipient's body. The placement of the spike determines which of the contributor's attributes are taken. As such Hemalurgy is the most complex of the Metallic Arts, and the Steel Ministry has experimented for centuries with little success at finding new ways to apply it. When the Lord Ruler briefly held Preservation's power during his Ascension, the intricacies of Hemalurgy were deliberately whispered to him by Ruin. With a thousand years until the power at the Well of Ascension was restored, and his next opportunity to escape, Ruin was motivated by the opportunity to gain an easily controllable vast army of destructive killers. Hemalurgy's implementation sows chaos and destruction,with a concept of a simple art, it is a parasitic one that is useless without other people to steal from.

After the spike pierces through the initial person and is Hemalurgically charged, the Law of Hemalurgic Decay states that the spike loses some of its potency.[2] The longer a spike is outside a body, the weaker it becomes. Thus, when the Steel Ministry creates an Inquisitor, the spikes are outside of a person for as little time as possible.

Hemalurgic Constructs[edit]

A koloss, one of the three types of Hemalurgic constructs
  • Steel Inquisitors are created with nine to eleven spikes, which are charged with various Allomantic or Feruchemical powers.
  • Koloss are created with four spikes, each charged with human strength. By twisting the power of creation and putting it into a human, the target is extremely warped, turning them into this strange koloss. No one can be blamed for not knowing koloss came from humans, given that they appear so alien.
  • Kandra are created with two spikes, both charged with the same human attribute. To the Kandra this is known as a Blessing.

Hemalurgic Properties of Metals[edit]

Steals human strength
Steals Allomantic Physical Powers
Steals human senses
Steals Feruchemical Physical powers
Steals human emotional stability and fortitude
Steals Feruchemical Mental powers
Steals intelligence and memory[3]
Steals Allomantic Mental powers
Steals Allomantic Enhancement powers
Steals Feruchemical Spiritual powers
Steals Feruchemical Hybrid powers
Steals any attribute, whether it be Allomancy, Feruchemy, or human[4]

Bind Points[edit]

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“For all that it disgusts me, I cannot help but be impressed by Hemalurgy as an art. In Allomancy and Feruchemy, skill and subtlety come through the application of one's powers. The best Allomancer might not be the most powerful, but instead the one who can best manipulate the Pushes and Pulls of metals. The best Feruchemist is the one who is most capable of sorting the information in his copperminds, or best able to manipulate his weight with iron.

The art that is unique to Hemalurgy, however, is the knowledge of where to place the spikes.”
—The Hero of Ages[5]

Another important aspect of Hemalurgy is spike location. The spike must be placed in certain locations on the human body in order to steal a power or attribute, and then placed in another point on the recipient to tap into their Spiritweb. Most commonly attributes are stolen through the heart. If a spike is placed in the wrong location it can have unforeseen effects, such as killing the recipient or possibly not granting any power at all.

Bind Point Spike Types Hemalurgic Effect
  1. Bronze
  2. Pewter
  1. Allomantic Copper
  2. Feruchemical Steel
Sternum Steel Allomantic Steel
Eyesocket Steel Unconfirmed, likely Allomantic Steel and Iron
Earlobe Bronze Allomantic Bronze
Between Ribs
  1. Steel
  2. Bronze
  1. Unconfirmed, likely Allomantic Pewter and Tin
  2. Allomantic Brass, Zinc, Copper, and Bronze
  1. Steel
  2. Iron, Tin, Zinc, & Copper
  1. Pewter Allomancy
  2. Kandra Blessings
Upper Arm Bronze Allomantic Bronze
Between Shoulder Blades Spike type varies, it is also known as linchpin spike. Unknown binds other spikes together to keep the receiver alive

Side Effects of Hemalurgy[edit]

When an Allomancer can sense Allomantic pulses through a coppercloud (known as piercing a coppercloud), it is most usually due to a Hemalurgic spike. It's simply a matter of Allomantic strength to pierce copperclouds, so if a Seeker has a spike charged with Allomantic bronze, that essentially makes them twice as powerful, allowing them to overpower a coppercloud.

Hemalurgy is a destructive art. It twists the body into something almost inhuman. This twisting is how Inquisitors survive with spikes through their eyes and other vital places, and explains why koloss look so strange. In the case of the Inquisitors, it is known that their heart is in a different place and their brain is shaped around their eyes' spikes. Extracting the spikes of an inquisitor at such important places would invert the transformation, which means the death of him.

Ruin constructed Hemalurgy with a flaw: each spike creates holes in the mind, making them easier to manipulate. Through powerful emotional Allomancy, one can Push on a spiked creature's emotions so hard that they literally come under the Allomancer's control. Indeed, the spikes in the koloss were what allowed the Lord Ruler to control them. Kandra also can be controlled in this way, but as Allomancers decreased in power, this knowledge was forgotten.


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