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Marsh portrait.png
by User: Luaru
Parents Mother
Siblings Kelsier
Abilities Seeker, Steel Inquisitor
Aliases Ironeyes, Death
Residence Luthadel
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn (series)

Marsh is a half-skaa Seeker from the Final Empire on Scadrial.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He was stern and determined, earning him the name "Ironeyes" as a result of his piercing gaze.


Like his brother, Kelsier, Marsh hated injustice. As a result he led the skaa rebellion for many years. Marsh attempted to help Kelsier's revolution by infiltrating the Steel Ministry. He revealed important Ministry secrets to the rebellion, such as their soothing stations positioned by the Lord Ruler to inspire depression and docility in the skaa population. However, he was presumed dead by the rebellion after a corpse was found at a designated meeting place.

It was later revealed that he had been watched by the Canton of Inquisition and they had 'recruited' him, turning him into an Inquisitor using Hemalurgy. He continued to aid the rebellion, including killing the other Inquisitors in Luthadel when Vin was assaulting the Lord Ruler, and ultimately helping her to succeed.

He later led Sazed to the Conventical of Seran where they found Kwaan's inscription. After the Siege of Luthadel, Ruin took control of Marsh and attempted to make him distract Sazed in order to prevent him from warning Vin about giving up the power at the Well of Ascension.[1]

After Ruin was freed from the Well, it took total control of Marsh. During this time he had no physical control over his body. He tried to kill himself on multiple occasions with no success. To this end he was implanted with several additional Hermalurgic spikes which further increased Ruin's hold over him. This was necessary due to Marsh's strong will, which hindered Ruin's control over him. He was unable to aid Vin and Elend in any way, except when he took control of his body just long enough to pull out Vin's earring. This allowed the mists to flow into her, saving her life from attacking Inquisitors under Ruin's control, including himself, and allowing her to ascend. In the Battle of Hathsin, again under Ruin's control, he beheaded Elend, giving Vin the motivation to kill Ruin.


Portrait of Marsh as an inquisitor by User: Luaru.

Marsh survived the Final Ascension, along with his nickname, Ironeyes. He became a mythical figure in Elendel's popular culture, being the personification of Death.[2] He is also the focus of Sliverism. He seems to act in the interests of Harmony, and delivered a book to Wax through Marasi, using emotional Allomancy to make her curious enough to follow him.

He has been investigating the Southern Continent of Scadrial.[3]


Marsh was a Seeker, a Misting who could burn bronze. He was highly skilled and taught Vin how to use bronze effectively.

Upon becoming an Inquisitor, he gained further abilities in Allomancy and Feruchemy, allowing him to extend his life as Rashek had. He gained many more spikes than were usual for an Inquisitor in the Lord Ruler's time; upwards of twenty.[4] He also has a Feruchemical Atium spike which carries an unknown Hemalurgic property as well as being able to store age.[5] In addition to this, he kept the bag of Atium that KanPaar attempted to sell, meaning that he has enough to stay alive for a very long time.[6][7][8]


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