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Reform movement
Related to Yoki-hijo
Type Religion
World of Origin Komashi
Universe Cosmere

The reform movement is a popular shift in philosophies concerning the autonomy expected of the yoki-hijo in Torio, following a schism between those with more liberal opinions and those with traditional, orthodox beliefs on the matter. The schism occurred a few hundred years prior to the activation of the machine, and most yoki-hijo are adherents to the movement during Yumi's tenure.[1]

Adherents of the reform movement often eat, bathe, and make other decisions for themselves. They are also known to take days off working for rest or other personal reasons, and insist on retiring at the age of seventy.[1] Opposers of the movement believe that there is danger in abandoning their traditions, and view the more liberal attitude as weak and petulant.[2] Orthodox wardens withhold information about the movement from their yoki-hijo.[1]

Dwookim was a very active yoki-hijo in the reform movement, prior to her retirement. Yumi was entirely unaware of the movement until she was informed by Hwanji.[1]


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