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This page is a collection of quotes about the Ten Fools

We must have seemed of the ten fools, charging away like that. I do wish you'd given me more notice to prepare your honor guard. This is a war zone.

— Dalinar, to Elhokar, after climbing the rock.[1]

I apologize for wasting your time, Brightlord. You are correct; this is akin to the ten fools.

Teleb, concerning lighter bridges to Dalinar.[2]

Kal leaned back, breathing in and out. He felt like one of the ten fools specifically Cabine, who acted like a child though he was adult.

Kaladin, when he is sent to the kitchens as his father speaks to Roshone.[3]

I know, that was before I saw him rescue Sadeas. Every time I start to forget how amazing my father is, he does something to prove me one of the ten fools


They'll see me dead, like my father. Sometimes I do wonder if we re chasing after the ten fools here. The assassin in white--he was Shin

They're worthless, you know. You're of the ten fools, Dalinar Kholin! Don't you see how mad you are? This will be remembered as the most ridiculous decision ever made by an Alethi highprince.

Torol Sadeas, in reference to Dalinar trading his Shardblade for the bridgemen.[5]


Kaladin felt like one of the ten fools. Actually, he felt like all of them. Ten times an idiot. But most specifically Eshu, who spoke of things he did not understand in front of those who did.


I've been played for one of the ten fools, Moash thought, chin to his chest. And I don't even know how.


Amaram could not help being reminded of the last time he had visited this place, in the company of someone who had been playing him for one of the ten fools all along.


Ten large glyphs, written directly on the stone of the floor running up to the dais with the king’s Common Throne. The glyphs listed the ten foolish attributes, as represented by the ten fools. Beside each glyph was a written paragraph in women’s script explaining how the queen exemplified each of the fools.


She'd begun to imagine an infinite spiral, like with old Dilid, one of the ten fools. He ran up a hillside toward the Tranquiline Halls with sand sliding beneath his feet—running for eternity, but never making progress.

Probably not. So often, she’s right, and you just end up feeling like one of the ten fools.

Renarin talking to Shallan about Jasnah [12]


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