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Manuel Estevez
Profession Explorer
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

In this author’s opinion, the Estevez report seems the most trustworthy and accurately dated of all the early European chalkling sightings, even if it is disturbing in concept.

—A book’s opinion on Estevez’s report[1]

Captain[2] Manuel Estevez was a Spanish explorer. He explored the American Isles in search of gold with a group of other explorers. He is one of the first European explorers to discover chalklings[1]


His group crossed into a strange, narrow canyon Zona Arida Island. They found a group of small, human-shaped pictures on the canyon walls. Primitive figures, like ones left by cave-people. Estevez and the others made camp for the night. After the sun set, the pictures on the walls began to move. In a report that Estevez made of his expedition, Estevez described the drawings in detail. He wrote that the drawings weren’t scratched or carved, but drawn in chalk. He did drawings of the figures in his log, which survived to modern times.[1] Joel Saxon read the Estevez report during his investigation of the Scribbler, and was intrigued by one of Estevez’s drawings, which depicts a Shadowblaze.[2]


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