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Lady Kelesina Shores is a noble resident of New Seran. She is a believer in the freedom of New Seran and other cities in the Elendel Basin from Elendel, going so far as to collaborate with the Set.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Lady Kelesina is an older woman.[3] She is described as "statuesque" and wears rings on all of her fingers.[4] Wax notes that she is a fairly ordinary narcissistic noblewoman.[5] She lives in a mansion built in an old style, with architecture and interior artwork designed to evoke pre-catacendre mansions.[6]

She likes to consider herself a sort of predator in polite society.[4]


New Seranian Independence[edit]

Lady Kelesina was very invested in the independence of the Elendel Basin from Elendel itself. She made an agreement with Mister Suit: in exchange for her help killing ReLuur and distracting Wax from the Set's projects, Suit would crush Elendel and would provide Kelesina with an army.[7] Kelesina had killed ReLuur, and, assuming success, had sent back one of his spikes as proof to Suit.[8]

Kelesina's Party[edit]

Lady Kelesina threw a party, attended by Wax and Steris.[3] During the party Wax baited Kelesina into revealing her connection to the Set. He told her that he possessed a mysterious coin and knew of the happenings northeast of New Seran. Alarmed, she fled the party and contacted Suit through a primitive telephone. She argued with Suit, saying that Wax could not be successfully distracted from his mission, while Suit was convinced another mystery would catch his attention. When Wax confronted her after learning she was responsible for the Nightstreet Gang's attack on their train, she was shot in the forehead by her Brute maid, who was under orders from Suit.[1] Once dead, her maid took a Goldmind out of Kelesina's pocket, which was later recovered by Wax.


Hoid often sneaks onto the grounds of her mansion and has at least a somewhat reasonable claim that he actually owns it.[6][9]


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