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Parents Silence Montane (adopted)
Siblings William Ann (adopted)
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence

Sebruki is an eight year-old girl who works for Silence Montane at her waystop in the Forests of Hell on Threnody.[1]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Sebruki is only eight so she was still rather short.[1] She had dark skin and long dark hair.

Sebruki is an odd child, disturbingly observant.[1] She also does strange things, such as scrub the kitchen so hard that the wood is bleached white. This is likely due to the horrors Sebruki had seen in her young life. Sebruki loves to clean, it makes her feel good to help in some way.

While it seems that Sebruki has mostly recovered from her experiences, occasionally she relapses.[1] Her eyes go dead, like a shade's and she acts oddly. When she sees Chesterton Divide, she gets out Silence's crossbow and poisons it with blackblood. She would have tried to shoot him, despite the consequences, but Silence intervenes and Sebruki nearly shoots her by accident. When Sebruki is difficult, Silence again sings to her and makes her a sleeping draught to try to ease her pain.

Her upbringing as a Homesteader makes her independent and willing to work to pay off her debts.[1] However, Sebruki craves a stern authority figure that appears in charge, so Silence acts like her grandmother when dealing with Sebruki. Sebruki has grown very close to the Montanes, calling Silence, "Aunt Silence". William Ann treats her like a younger sister.


Early LifeEdit

Sebruki was born and raised as one of the Forest Homesteaders.[1] She, her parents, and siblings lived together on their homestead. Then Chesterton Divide came and slaughtered her entire family, ringing the room in powdered silver, before gruesomely killing everyone. Out of thirteen people, she was the only survivor. Her mother pushed Sebruki into a crawlspace under the floorboards and refused to cry out even as she was killed because she did not want to scare her daughter.

Adoption By SilenceEdit

Silence Montane was the only person willing to go to the destroyed homestead to see what had happened.[1] Sebruki's father had come drinking at her waystop and he was a good man; he had helped with the repairs of the Old Bridge. When Silence attempts to recover some of Chesterton's silver that had slipped between the floorboards she found Sebruki, covered in her mother's blood.

Silence brought Sebruki back to the waystop and cared for her there.[1] Sebruki spent the first three months staring at the wall, no matter where she was put. Silence would occasionally sing to Sebruki, hoping to reach her in some distant way. Eventually she came out of her trance, for the most part and began to help around the waystop. She cleaned obsessively, and also took care of the pigs, two of which she'd name Ezekiel and Jarom. Silence tried to keep Sebruki out of the common room so that she would not be recognized.

When Chesterton Divide later comes to stay at Silence's waystop, Sebruki intends on killing him with a crossbow loaded with a bolt dipped in blackblood.[1] Silence stops her but Sebruki accidentally shoots the silver bolt out a window. Silence then comforted Sebruki and put her to sleep with a draught. Silence later finds the bolt and uses it to get past the shades that encircle her and William Ann just outside the waystop's protective rings.


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