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Provisional Replica
Abilities Various
Used for Hunting down their originals
Sapient Yes
World Earth (The Original)
Featured In The Original

Provisional Replicas, also called PR’s are clones made by the government. Provisional Replicas are made for the purpose of hunting down and killing their original when the original has committed some heinous crime.[1] The PR retains all of their original’s memories up until their last renewal, and has the same personality and general thought process as their original.[2] Provisional Replicas are usually edited by the government when they are created, the edits often including tactical thinking, skill with firearms, hand to hand combat, and quick reflexes.[3] Their muscle memory can be edited as well, making the feel and use of weapons seem familiar and comfortable to the PR.[4] Their eyes might be edited as well, giving them infrared vision so they can see in the dark.[5]

Known Provisional Replicas[edit]


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