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Jonathan Gentry
Homeworld Earth (The Original)

Jonathan Gentry[1] is Holly Winseed’s husband.[2] He is a researcher, and does work with nanite and memory technology. He is fascinated with the phycology of checkouts.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Jonathan has broad cheekbones and a soft round nose. He has dark, glossy, curly hair, which he sometimes sweeps back with gels. He has a fascination with physical makeup, and only breaks it out for special occasions. He sometimes uses it to put a dusting of silver on his eyelids and to make his lips look redder.[3]



Jonathan first met Holly at the Riverside Marketplace, at Stilla’s citrus stand.[4] Once they were married, they lived in their apartment together, with Jonathan often going to scientific conferences and giving talks. During his investigation about the phycology of checkouts, he met Jill Preston, who gave her name as Jane Doe.[citation needed] Over time, Jonathan became severely depressed, and wasn’t finding meaning in his life. He went on a trip to the Roan Valley, and he checked out. The government unlawfully made a provisional replica of him, which killed Jonathan and took his place.[5]

Provisional Replica[edit]

Do you remember his trip to the Roan Valley? Jonathan never came home from that.


Jonathan resumed his normal life, and it took several weeks for the original Holly to figure it out. She confronted him about it at a party, and he confessed to killing the original Jonathan. Later that night, Holly murdered him and mutilated his face with a knife.[5][2]


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