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Holly Winseed (Original)
World Earth (The Original)
Featured In The Original

Holly Winseed is an orange carver, and is now a checkout. She is responsible for the murder of Jonathan’s Provisional Replica.


With Jonathan[edit]

I’m going to try to save us both a world of hurt by telling you a hard thing now: I was not framed. I killed him.

—Holly’s recorded message to her Provisional Replica.[1]

Holly first met Jonathan at the Riverside Marketplace, at Stilla’s citrus stand. Once they were married, they lived in their apartment together, with Jonathan often going to scientific conferences and giving talks. Jonathan went on a two week trip, and he came back slightly different. Holly began to grow suspeicious, and she confronted him at a party. He confessed that he was a Provisional Replica and that he had killed the original Jonathan. Later that night, Holly murdered him, proceeding to mutilate his corpse by carving his face like an orange.[2][3]


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