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World of Origin Earth (The Original)

Everything I saw showed them going to unethical lengths to try and bring down the government with no qualms about colateral damage to check-ins.

—Holly Winseed[1]

ICON is a North American based group that seeks to free nanite technology from government control, and let it be unregulated. They are called terrorists by the government and most civilians, though they see themselves as freedom fighters. They don’t object to nanite technology per se, but want it to be operated by the people instead of the government.[citation needed]

Though it is unclear if the information was fabricated by the government, ICON supposedly took actions like blowing up renewal stations, and killing people going in and out of them.[1]

ICON is led by Jill Preston, a disaffected former senator who famously checked out.


ICON sought to kidnap Holly Winseed’s Provisional Replica, as they needed her to open a bio-locked file.[2] A ICON fire team successfully kidnapped her at the Riverside Marketplace, and brought her to Vicrum Ortega’s restaurant. She used her edited-in combat skills to fight off the ICON team and escape.[3]

They later followed Holly to her apartment, and attacked her there, one of their number using an antique revolver that will be deadly. Holly ended up taking the revolver and defeating the fire team again, escaping out her apartment window.[1]


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