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Homeworld Earth (The Original)
Introduced In The Original

From the moment I’d woken up, he’d been a pain in the ass. But honest, at least as far as I could tell.


Skyler is a Provisional Replica and a government agent. He acts as the personal contact for Holly’s Provisonal Replica, and directs her and gives her information as she hunts down her original.[2]


Provisional Replica[edit]

Skyler’s original likely joined ICON, or some other extremist group. The government created a provisional replica of him to hunt down and deal with his original. At some point his original walked into a renewal station and slit the throats of five people in there. His provisional replica rushed into the room and took down his original. Skyler then took his original’s place and went to work for the government.[3]

Working with Holly’s PR[edit]

Skyler, as a Provisional Replica himself, was assigned to be the personal contact for Holly Winseed’s original. He was present in the hospital when she awoke, and then calmly explained things to her.[4] He then showed her a virtual replication of the murder scene where Holly’s original had killed Jonathan Gentry, and told her that she had to find and kill her original.[2] Holly came to a renewal station after her nanites became depleted, and the system there automatically called Skyler. He informed her that Provisonal Replicas have to check in each day, or they die. She told him about how she’d been kidnapped, which surprised Skyler. He told her that they were likely members of ICON, a terrorist group. He gave her access to documents on ICON, and gave her gun the ability to shoot checkouts on her request.[5]

The next time Holly came to a renewal station after escaping another ICON attack, she was furious at Skyler for not giving her any warning. Skyler was calm and collected, explaining that he can’t view private property and giving her more information on her attackers.[6] After walking into an ambush at the Jolly Racer nightclub and coming to a renewal station, Holly called Skyler late at night. She gave him a listo of fake names her original might be using, asking him to check hotel registries. He agrees to do so, and books her a room in a hotel under a fake name.[7]

Skyler’s men found the hotel room where Holly’s original had been staying, and found a biolocked recorder there. He told Holly to come to the building where he works, and she unlocked the recording.[8] The recording made Holly very angry, and Skyler told Holly that he himself is a Provisional Replica. She asked him about her violent tendencies, and he told her that they didn’t edit her personality, meaning that those are all her emotions. Holly played the rest of the recording, and they decided that she should infiltrate the checkout slums.[1]

When Holly infiltrated the checkout slums disguised as a new checkout, Skyler used cleaning drones to get inside. At the right moment, he used them to knock out the lights in the slums to allow Holly to climb up a building unseen. After Holly found Jill Preston, leader of ICON, Skyler and his men came to arrest her.[9]


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