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In addition to his published works Brandon Sanderson has also written several novels and short stories that have never been published commercially. Many of these works have been used as stepping stones to his later stories as he reworks and combines the various plot and world building elements.

While these works are unpublished some of these do exist in other forms and may be located. Others may be slated for completion or publication soon.

Forthcoming Works[edit]

The Stormlight Archive 3-10
Brandon hasn't decided in which order the next three Stormlight books should be released.[1]
Stones Unhallowed
Szeth's book[2]
The Highprince of War
Dalinar's book
Eshonai's book
Mistborn series
Mistborn Adventures[3][4]
Shadows of Self[5]
Bands of Mourning[1]
The Lost Metal[1]
1940's Mistborn[1]
Second Mistborn trilogy
The second in a planned set of three trilogies. Takes place in an urban setting with a 1980's technology level.[6][1]
Third Mistborn trilogy
Set in space[3]
Dark One
cosmere YA, after Reckoners and Rithmatist.[1]
Sequel to Warbreaker.[7] Maybe after Elantris sequels.[1]
Alcatraz finale
Fifth and final book in Alcatraz series[8][7][1]
Dragonsteel (3 or 5 books)[9]
(only after Stormlight Archive is done)[6][1]
Dragonsteel The Lightweaver of Rens
[Citation needed]
White Sand trilogy
totally beachin - going to be a graphic novel[7][1]
Elantris sequel[10][7]
publish prior to the second Mistborn trilogy[1]
The Aztlanian (The Rithmatist sequel, and maybe a finale)[7][1]
The Reckoners 2-3[11][12][13][1]
Steelheart novellas 2, 3:[11]
The King's Necromancer[6]
The Liar of Partinel 1, 2
Hoid origin story[7][15]
The Silence Divine
On planet in Roshar system, with ill people getting powers.[7] Will be renamed.[1]
Death By Pizza
book with necromancer pizza deliveryman[7]
Mulholland Homebrew's Sinister Shop of Secret Pets
a girl accidentally apprentices in a fantasy pet shop.[16]
Zeek Harbringer, Destroyer of Worlds
Middle grade scifi, maybe an Alcatraz follow up, unwritten[17][16]
YA cosmere[7]
was The Lurker, will be tinkered with during SA3[1]

"Trunked" Novels[edit]

These are works that are unlikely to ever be published either because elements have been co-opted for use in other books (as with Mythwalker and Aether of Night) or because the book has been re-written from scratch (as with White Sand Prime and The Way of Kings Prime).

White Sand Prime
Brandon's first novel, later re-written as White Sand.[17]
Star's End
Brandon's second novel, a short alien-relations/sci-fi story.[17]
Lord Mastrell
Brandon's third novel, a sequel to White Sand Prime.[17]
Knight Life
Brandon's fourth novel, a fantasy comedy.[17]
The Sixth Incarnation of Pandora
Brandon's fifth novel, a far future scifi involving immortal warriors[18]
Brandon's ninth novel, A book that included the characters Vivenna and Siri [17]
Aether of Night
Brandon's tenth novel, various elements have been cannibalized for other works (such as Decay becoming Ruin).
Mistborn Prime
Brandon's eleventh novel, elements were later combined with Final Empire Prime for Mistborn: The Final Empire.
Final Empire Prime
Brandon's twelfth novel, elements were later combined with Mistborn Prime for Mistborn: The Final Empire.
The Way of Kings Prime
Brandon's thirteenth novel, later re-written as The Way of Kings.

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