Bridge Four

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Bridge Four
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World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Bridge Four was a bridge crew in Sadeas warcamp on Roshar.[1]


Notorious for its bad luck, Bridge Four seldom kept a bridgeleader for more than a few days[1] and almost always took the highest casualties on bridge runs.[2]

A transfer to Bridge Four was often used as a punishment for bridgemen,[3] and the existence of a group worse off than themselves was a mental control used by Sadeas' men on the rest of the bridge crews.

Upon arrival at the bridge yard in Sadeas' war camp Kaladin managed to earn the immediate enmity of Gaz, the bridge sergeant in charge of the bridge crews, who then placed him in Bridge Four.

Changes under Kaladin[edit]

Kaladin spent several weeks in the bridge crew before deciding to give leading and protecting one more try.[3] Once the decision had been made he quickly turned Bridge Four around, and through his efforts it became the best of the bridge crews, taking the fewest casualties,[4] treating its wounded[5] and training for escape.[6]

The Battle of the Tower[edit]

Bridge Four Tattoos

During the Battle of the Tower Bridge Four rescued Highprince Dalinar[7][8] resulting in Dalinar buying the freedom of all the bridge crews,[9] placing Kaladin in command of all bridgemen that choose to become soldiers, and requesting Bridge Four as personal bodyguards.[10]


Kaladin had not been assigned to Bridge Four by chance. Out of all the bridge crews, Bridge Four had the highest casualty rate. That was particularly notable, considering that average bridge crews often lost one-third to one-half of their number on a single run.
As they hefted their bridge, a spontaneous round of cheering rose up from the other crews. "That's new," ... "Guess they finally realized what we are," Kaladin said. "And what's that?" ... "We're their champions. Bridge forward!"
— Kaladin to Teft on the marching off for the Battle of the Tower[11]

Notable Members[edit]



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