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Dabbid is an Alethi member of Bridge Four on Roshar.

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Early Life[edit]

Dabbid was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, which resulted in an unspecified disorder. He did not begin speaking until he was six years old, and often got into trouble because he did things other people wouldn't normally do. When he was young, he put a rope around his neck to feel what it was like to be born the way he was. When people found him, Dabbid didn't understand why they were worried as he wasn't going to hurt himself. At some point, his mother died, causing his disorder to worsen. Dabbid then ended up at the War of Reckoning, washing the clothes of a lighteyes. The man's wife accused him of fathering her darkeyed child in order to protect her lover, and Dabbid was assigned to be a bridgeman in Sadeas' warcamp as punishment.[1]

Bridge Four[edit]

In 1173, Dabbid joined Bridge Four, Kaladin's bridgecrew. The crew was expected to charge the Parshendi line unarmored to draw their fire and push a bridge across the chasm providing a path for Sadeas' army. On one run, Dabbid was all but trampled by a horse from his own side, causing him to fall to the ground, dazed and with a broken arm. While Dabbid expected to die on the battlefield, Kaladin and Rock dragged him to safety. After treating those with more serious wounds, Kaladin set Dabbid's arm with a splint made of Parshendi arrows and Dabbid's shirt.[2]

Dabbid remained in a state of shock long after the battle, jumping at sounds, but otherwise unresponsive. Sadeas refused to pay or feed any bridgeman that was unable to go on runs, so Dabbid survived off of food Bridge Four bought by selling knobweed sap they secretly gathered while collecting stones.[3][4] Dabbid’s arm eventually healed, and he was able to follow others around, but he still didn’t talk; others worried that he would never recover from his battle shock. Dabbid eventually began to assist Lopen, who referred to him as “moolie" (meaning "mute"), in bringing waterskins and first aid supplies on runs.[5]

Bridge Four was later sentenced to regularly scavenge the chasms as punishment for having a high survival rate. Kaladin used this as an opportunity to secretly train the bridgemen to fight so they could escape Sadeas' warcamp. While the others were practicing, Dabbid, along with Rock, Lopen, and Shen, who could not fight for various reasons, continued to recover valuables in order to meet their quota and avoid suspicion. Syl was able to fly ahead and quickly lead them to corpses that had not been scavenged so the four men could do the work usually done by a whole crew.[6] On later bridgeruns, Dabbid and Lopen covertly retrieved large amounts of money and Parshendi armor that had been collected from the chasms and secured to the underside of one of the permanent bridges. Bridge Four was able to use the armor to enrage the Parshendi and draw their fire, reducing the bridgecrew's mortality rate even further.[7]

On Dabbid's final bridgerun, Sadeas abandoned Dalinar's army mid-battle and left them to die. While Bridge Four had the opportunity to escape, they instead decided to help the Kholin army retreat. After Kaladin used a large amount of stormlight to protect his men from a volley of arrows and went into shock, Dabbid joined the rest of the bridgecrew to complete the approach.[8] Bridge Four was able to rescue Dalinar and in return he bought their freedom by giving Sadeas his shardblade.[9]

Dalinar's Forces[edit]

Battle of Uruthiru[edit]





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