Varion Crestmar

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Varion Crestmar
Parents Sennion
Siblings Dennison
Died Suicide
Titles High Admiral
Homeworld Imperial Homeworld

Varion Crestmar is a Great High Officer and High Admiral in the empire of Firstborn.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Varion is a tall, confident man in his 50's with silver hair, and is viewed as arrogant by his opponents. He always wears a battle-visor for his fighting engagements, and described as wearing a grey military uniform. Admiral Kern calls him a Warrior, and indeed he is a tactical genius and has spent his entire adult life honing his battle skills as the perfect commander.[1]


Reunification War[edit]

Varion was a nearly perfect military leader. He spent decades conquering the galaxy in the name of the High Emperor. However, when that was completed, he turned on the Emperor, and began fighting the High Empire instead.[1] With the powerful army and superior technologies he gained during his galactic conquest, the High Empire doesn't stand much chance. Foreseeing this, the empire cloned him and his clone is named Dennison, publicly known as his brother.

He committed suicide after Dennison simulated him losing, having never learned what failure felt like.[1]


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