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Imperial Homeworld
Capital Point
Nation High Empire
Featured In Firstborn

The Imperial Homeworld is a planet that resides within the High Empire, and specifically in Inner Imperial Space.[1]


Not much is known about the geography of the Imperial Homeworld - however; it is a technologically advanced planet, containing at least one spaceport, though likely more. The Point is located here, the capitol of the planet, and home of the Officer's Walk, as well as the Emperor's Command Center.[1]


Prior to the Reunification War[edit]

Before Varion initialized his campaign to reclaim the reaches, the entirety of the High Empire's fleet was barely enough to defend its ever-shrinking border.[1] However, it was also during this period of time, that Varion completed his training at the Acadamy.[1]

the Reconquest of the Reaches[edit]

During Varion's conquest of the Reaches, the major military entities on TIH continued to monitor his progress. Realizing that Varion was quickly growing out of control, the Emperor decided to clone Varion and train this clone up to be Varion's own competitor. Their hope being that Dennison would be an equal match for Varion in terms of military prowess. While Varion continued his conquest of the Reaches, Dennison was trained at the Acadamy. During the events of the Reunification War, the Imperial Homeworld is the center of the High Empire's governmental and military might. It is the seat of power for the Emperor. [1]

Attack on the High Empire[edit]

At the conclusion of conquering the Reaches, Varion turned his sights on the High Empire itself, and the prize of the Imperial Homeworld. From the Point Dennison, the Emperor and multiple high ranking admirals watch as Varion systematically managed 10 battles and proceeded to seemingly win all 10. However, Denisson realizes he can utilize the bug on Varion's ship to disrupt and interrupt communications from fleets to Varion and vice-versa, thus allowing for mistakes to be make, turning the tide of the battle. This causes Varion to start losing for the first time in his life, the defeat of such a realization causing him to kill himself before failure overtakes him.[1]

Culture and Education[edit]

High officers are held in lofty regard on the Imperial Homeworld, granting them access to the Officer's Walk. This allows them to travel some distance from spaceport to the command center above the common people, and even royalty. Whether a high officer is a senior or junior officer, they are granted access to this privilege.

The Academy is located on the Imperial Homeworld. Here, Academy students can train, following the guidelines and curriculum established around the success of Varion.[1]


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