Dennison Crestmar

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Dennison Crestmar
Firstborn cover textless by Donato Giancola.png
Parents Sennion
Siblings Varion
World Imperial Homeworld
Featured In Firstborn

Dennison Crestmar is a High Duke in the High Empire.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Dennison is moderately tall and has sleek black hair. His facial appearance is completely identical to that of Varion's, who he was cloned from. However, the exact appearance of either Dennison or Varion is unknown. He is a generally pessimistic person who engages in a fair amount of self deprecation. He constantly compares himself to his brother and thinks himself a failure as a High Officer. He regularly engages in sarcasm to hide his own self-disdain, though he is also cynical and insubordinate, specifically to his father, Sennion Crestmar as well as Admiral Kern.


Dennison was cloned from Varion as a countermeasure against him should he rebel, but Dennison's tactical ability was very lacking. He received near-failing marks at the Academy, and kept losing battles and cementing bad battle strategies in his brain due to the multitude of people wanting to beat Varion's brother, for Varion was the most skilled. After he graduated from the Academy, he was sent to command battles against rebellions out in the Reaches. His tactical aptitude, like always, was terrible. He was eventually assigned to learn under High Admiral Kern, and though he was a squadron commander in name, he spent his year on the Stormwind training by hologram. Two months after this, he went to Kress to attend the greeting of the "hero" Varion. It was here that Dennison learned that he was a clone of Varion, and it was also here that his father Sennion was killed by him. After this, Dennison retreated to the Stormwind. He then requested an audience with the emperor to find out whether he was really cloned, which was granted. Dennison finally had his fears confirmed: he was but a defective clone. Dennison then took his responsibility as a squadron commander to heart and boarded his own minor command ship, the Perpetual.


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