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First things first: the "Dusty" in his username is NOT in reference to Dustbringers or any Sanderson-related work.
Dusty's friends started calling him that long before he read the Stormlight Archives.

(But he is, coincidentally, a Dustbringer as well)

Hello! I'm your everyday, generic, slightly-above-average Coppermind user.

I've read pretty much everything Sanderson has published, but I am (relatively) new to the whole wiki editing and forums aspect of the fanbase. I first started working on the Coppermind back when Oathbringer came out, but only made some minor edits. As of right now, my biggest work on the Coppermind is creating all six of the chapter summaries for White Sand Volume 2.

If you're feeling depressed, have some orange juice.

Woohoo made it to top 50! I'm down towards the bottom of the top 50 all-time editors list

Main Contributions[edit]

Current Focuses: November/December[edit]


My main focus is on Skyward, of course.

Individual Pages[edit]

The Skyward home page

Skyward Flight member character pages

History pages