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Waxillium, Bleeder is ancient, older than the destruction of the world—almost as old as the Final Empire. Indeed, she is even older than I am, though not older than my powers. She is crafty, careful, and brilliant. And I’m afraid that she might have gone mad.

Harmony to Waxillium on Paalm.[1]

Paalm is a kandra of the Third Generation. Prior to the Collapse, Paalm served as the Lord Ruler's personal kandra, overthrowing kingdoms and having extensive skills under his employ. Post-Catacendre, she served Harmony, but eventually grew to hate Harmony. She then called herself Bleeder,[1] and plotted to sow chaos in Elendel to "free" the common people.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Paalm was the ultimate blank slate. Old-style kandra. Like I said, she spent so much time out on missions that she barely had a personality of her own. She had real trouble with that at the dawn of a new world. [...] She was loyal to the Lord Ruler, and then when he was gone, she became loyal to Harmony. Fanatical about it. Insisted on being given mission after mission, and never spent time with the rest of us. Kept to herself. She was almost always in character. Until...

—MeLaan on Paalm[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Waxillium, you do realize what you're dealing with? Paalm was trained by the ancients, and served the Lord Ruler himself. She quashed rebellions and overthrew kingdoms in his service, and she is intimately familiar with the intricacies of Hemalurgy. By your own accounts, she’s learned to use spikes to grant herself Allomancy and Feruchemy--something we thought impossible.

—MeLaan on Paalm[2]

Imitated Inquisitors (ch 13)


The Lord Ruler's Kandra[edit]

In Harmony's Service[edit]

Talk about how she acted afterwards the Catacendre

The Roughs and Lessie[edit]

Was sent to the Roughs to act as Wax's protector. She did not anticipate falling in love with him, however.

Eventually, Harmony pushed Paalm to get Lessie to bring Wax back to Elendel, and she intensely did not want to do this.

Bloody Tan confrontation.

After dying as Lessie, Paalm did not reveal her true nature to Wax, and Wax thought she had died. Paalm did later consume Bloody Tan's remains.


Preparations (maybe a section, or maybe not[edit]

They dress in painted sequins. They drink wine. They laugh, and smile, and play, and dance, and eat, and quietly kill. All part of Harmony's plan. All actors on a stage. That's what you are too, Waxillium Ladrian. It's what all men are.

—Bleeder speaking in Wax's head for the first time.[3]

With Harmony pushing her so hard to do what he desired, Paalm lost faith in Harmony, and was distraught. Paalm pulled out one of her spikes, which made it so Harmony could no longer hear her thoughts and so he could not assume control of her. She somehow acquired a spike of an unknown metal, and that hid her from Harmony's sight.

She chose the name Bleeder for herself, and had a new goal: to free the people from Harmony's plan. Generally acting alone--but later with the Set--she murdered individuals to acquire Allomantic and Feruchemical abilities. She at least killed a Coinshot. She would spike people and be able to speak to them.

She began setting up a sequence of events to break Elendel. She considered approaching Wax, hoping he'd understand her goals, but she decided against it.

She broke the dam. She impersonated a worker, and at the trial, she did not know the names of the worker's children. She stayed in the grave for a few days and then left.

At some point in time--likely after the breaking of the dam--she killed Replar Innate, the governor of Elendel, and took his place, running the city for some time. Innate's close friend and bodyguard knew of this, and worked and assisted Paalm.

She killed Idashwy, a Steelrunner, sometime before Winsting Innate's auction, but no more than a week prior. She used this to steal her Feruchemical steel abilities, and Paalm began liberally storing speed, and would soon use it.

She went to the kandra Homeland and wrote lies on the Words of Founding. She also left strange Hemalurgic constructions unknown to the kandra as a trap.

Winsting Innate's auction[edit]

With her pieces in place, she set her plan in motion. Winsting Innate's auction. Already had Winsting's bodyguard.

Replar Innate made a speech that was self-absorbed, only about his reputation, likely to make the common workers of Elendel disillusioned. She spoke to an individual she spiked previously and attempted to get him to kill him, but Marasi Colms stopped him by trapping him in a cadmium bubble.

Paalm, as Innate, refused to leave for safety.

ZoBell's Party[edit]

Innate or Drim specifically banned Wayne from entering the party, as Paalm likely figured they would cause issues for her plans. But, as a lord of a Great House, Waxillium would always be allowed to arrive.

Spoke to Wax, but was influencing a server, so Wax thought that was Bleeder instead, and chased the server.

After the party, Innate and Drim discreetly left without alerting Wayne and Marasi. Paalm had three carriages leave the party so it was unclear which Innate was in.

Wax confronted the carriage with Innate and Drim, and Innate dismissed Wax at first but Wax mentioned the kandra, and so Paalm agreed that Wax could look over their security protocols. They exchanged specific passcodes.

That same night (before or after? I think after, I'll need to check) Paalm rented a carriage for her next objective. She changed bodies in the backseat, switching from Innate to a Pathian priest, Larkspur. The carriage driver peeked in as she did so, and was horrified by what he witnessed of Paalm, and would later go to a Soothing parlor to try and wipe his mind of the trauma, which Wax would later confront.

Paalm, however, in Larkspur's body, went to a Survivorist church and murdered Father Bin violently and spiked him to the Survivor's symbol. Hidden behind the pulpit, Larkspur spoke horrible things about the Survivor, and the people discovered Bin's body.

(how did Paalm get Innate's body back? Was it still in the carriage????)

Maybe a new section in between here and the Confrontation on the time Bleeder was outside the manor and speaking to Wax.

Wax shoots her and she uses Feruchemical speed to get back into Innate's saferoom, but had to kill Drim to make it plausible that Innate would be bloody.

Wax takes off his earring and sends it to Ranette to make it into a bullet.

Wax then goes to the kandra Homeland. Paalm uses her hemalurgic constructs to attack Wax and TenSoon.

Paalm trying to expose the kandra lies.

Innate Exposed and Confrontation at Eastbridge[edit]

Wayne figures out that Innate's accent is slightly off, but when Wayne tries to confront, Paalm binds him and takes his metalminds off and tosses him in a closet. Wayne does manage to leave a piece of gum.

Innate still refuses to leave Elendel and demands to make a speech.

Wax goes to Innate and realizes that Innate is actually Paalm.

Confrontation at Eastbridge

Paalm reveals she was Lessie.

Wax shoots Paalm with the bullet that is a Hemalurgic spike, allowing Harmony to control her, but Paalm commits suicide instead.






Other Kandra[edit]

The Lord Ruler[edit]

Other Quotes[edit]

She was the Father’s own, the kandra reserved specifically to do missions for the Lord Ruler. She might know things from him. Things the rest of us weren’t told. I think he may even have had her imitate Inquisitors at times, act as a mole among them. Anyway, she wouldn’t have been able to impersonate an Inquisitor without a good grasp of Allomancy and Feruchemy. So maybe that’s where she got the knowledge.

—MeLaan on Paalm[2]


  • The name "Bleeder" is possibly derived from the doctors of antiquity, who would force patients to bleed profusely, in an effort to purge sickness and disease. This is comparable to Paalm's actions in Shadows of Self in which she causes great harm to Wax, and the Basin, to cleanse them of Harmony's control.
  • According to Brandon, writing her character was "probably the darkest I've gone in one of my books, ... but it was also somewhere I hadn't explored before, and so it was really interesting to me.".[4]


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