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File type {{{type}}}

The art template is used to assign metadata to pieces of visual art, both official and fan-made. For book covers, use {{cover}} instead.


Category: Character images and Category: Art are the two most common types, so they are prefilled here; delete the one (or both) that's not applicable.

|type={{cat tag|Character images|Art}}


Highlighted lines indicate mandatory parameters.

{{Art}} Parameters
Parameter Description Examples
Use #artist to automatically link to the artist's Coppermind page (under Coppermind:Artists) by just supplying their name. If necessary, artist can be used to manually link to their page.

These two are equivalent:
|#artist=Petar Penev
|artist=[[Coppermind:Artists/Petar Penev|Petar Penev]]

Use this to link to a public webpage where the image can be found, preferably the artist's website or social media.

Note: #source automatically generates a link to ArtStation, Behance, DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and Tumblr; just provide the URL. If the source is not one of these websites (e.g. it's the artist's personal website), use source to manually link to it.
If the file is a cropped/traced version of another piece of art already uploaded to the Coppermind, that file can be used as the source.
When naming the source, use just the website's name (e.g. Facebook instead of Facebook post, or 17th Shard instead of 17th Shard gallery).

|source=[https://www.dandossantos.com/gallery/#/lightweaver/ Dan dos Santos' Website]
|source=[[:File: Roshar.png]]

modified When the image has been changed from the original, either by cropping or coloring or tracing into a vector graphic, this parameter shoud link to the editor's Coppermind user page.

|modified=[[:User: Fbstj]]

tracer When the image is a traced vector graphic this parameter should link to the tracer's Coppermind user page.


licensed Use this parameter to indicate that the copyright owner (usually the artist) of the image has given us permission to upload this specific image. This is mostly useful when we don't want to set up an artist page for the artist (just yet).

Note: This is best used when we see an image we want, acquire permission to use it, but don't want to go bother the artist with the Google Form. If the same artist keeps producing fanart, we should reconsider and send them the form instead.


book Use this to associate the art piece with a specific book. This is mostly used when uploading interior art from the book in question, but can also be used for fanart of specific scenes, characters that only appear in one book, and other book-specific artwork.

Note: The value here is forwarded to the {{book tag}} template, which then forwards it to {{b}}. This means the original value must be valid for those templates as well. See their pages for details.

All of these are equivalent:

series Use this to associate the art piece with a book series. Adds the image to that series' category, so it's advisable to add it, even if the image only concerns one book in a series.

Note: The value here is forwarded to the {{series tag}} template, which means it must be one of the valid values for that template. See the {{series tag}} page for more details.

All of these are equivalent:
|series=stormlight archive
|series=the stormlight archive

type This parameter can be used to assign a category tag to the art piece. See the #Type Tags section below for more details.

|type={{cat tag|Art}}

official Use this to indicate that the piece of art is "official" in some way - e.g. it appears on the cover or inside a published book.


alt Use this to provide alt text for images

|alt=An old logo for the 17th Shard fansite

Type Tags

The type parameter provides a row for tags which categorize the file in different ways:

It also allows for any other kind of tagging for images when it makes sense

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