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The cover template is used in the place of {{art}} on the File pages for all cover art of Brandon's works, regardless of whether they're traditional books, audiobooks, comics or ebooks.




Highlighted lines indicate mandatory parameters. If not used, they will either appear as "unknown" or produce an error.

{{cover}} Parameters
Parameter Description Examples
Use this to associate the cover with the book it belongs to.

Note: The value here is forwarded to the {{book tag}} template, which then forwards it to {{b}}. This means the original value must be valid for those templates as well. See their pages for details. If the artwork is the cover for multiple books, use 'book

|'book=''[[Legion (book)|]]'' and ''[[The Emperor's Soul]]'' collection

series Use this to associate the cover with a book series. Adds the image to that series' category, so it's advisable to add it. The value you pass must either be one of the aliases listed below at #Series Aliases or exactly match the name of the series category (see the subcategories of Category:Series for a list of series categories).

Note: This row won't appear in the template, but that's the desired behavior; it's used only for categorization.

|series=Stormlight Archive
|series=Mistborn Era 1
|series=The Reckoners

Use #artist to automatically link to the artist's Coppermind page (under Coppermind:Artists) by just supplying their name. If necessary, artist can be used to manually link to their page.

All these are equivalent:
|#artist=Alex Allen
|artist={{a|Alex Allen}}
|artist=[[Coppermind:Artists/Alex Allen|Alex Allen]]

artwork If the text-less cover artwork has been uploaded to the Coppermind, you can use this parameter to link to it.

|artwork=Kaladin Allen.jpg
|artwork=Emperor's Soul Polish Cover.jpg

country What country had the book with this cover. If the same cover has been used by multiple different translations, put the country that used it first here (in most such cases, this will be the USA).

|country=United States

type What type of book had this cover. In many places, different editions of the same book, such as hardcover, paperback and ebook, will have different covers; that's why this parameter is important to use. There's no need to use it if you don't know which version used this artwork, or if this is the only artwork the book had in its country.


year The year this specific edition of the book came out.


ISBN The International Standard Book Number of this particular edition. Every edition will have its own ISBN; if you're unsure what it is, you can usually find it on sites like BookFinder or Goodreads.


also What other editions of the book used this cover artwork. This can include both different formats (for example, if the cover was made for ebook, and later cropped for an audiobook version) and different countries (often, a translation of a book will use original artwork with different text).

|also=Brazil, Poland
|also=Graphic Audio

source Use this to link to a publicly viewable webpage where the image can be found, preferably the publisher's website, or the artist's.

When naming the source, use just the website's name (e.g. Facebook instead of Facebook post, or Amazon instead of Warbreaker on Amazon).

|source=[https://gollancz.co.uk/2016/08/cover-reveal-arcanum-unbounded Gollancz]
|source=[[bws:the-stormlight-archive-series/#THEWAYOFKINGS|Brandon's website]]

Categories & tags[edit]

Pages that make use of the {{cover}} template will be added to Category:Book covers.

Series Aliases[edit]

The following aliases are valid for the series parameter:

Series Aliases
Alcatraz alcatraz
Dark One do, dark one
Legion (series) legion, legion series
Mistborn Era 1 mbe1, mistborn era 1
Mistborn Era 2 mbe2, mistborn era 2
The Reckoners reckoners, the reckoners
Skyward (series) skyward, skyward series
The Stormlight Archive stormlight, stormlight archive, the stormlight archive, sa
White Sand ws, white sand

Files using Template[edit]