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This template accepts a single positional argument, {{series tag|some series}}. It produces a link to a series page and adds the current page to the series' category. It recognises the following series:

Series Link code Categories added Aliases
Alcatraz [[Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians (series)
|Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians]]
category: Alcatraz alcatraz
The Apocalypse Guard [[The Apocalypse Guard (series)
|The Apocalypse Guard]]
category: Apocalypse Guard ag
Cosmere [[Cosmere]] category: Cosmere cosmere
Dark One [[Dark One]] category: Dark One dark one, do
Dragonsteel [[Dragonsteel]] category: Dragonsteel dragonsteel
Elantris trilogy [[Elantris Trilogy]] category: Elantris elantris
Infinity Blade [[Infinity Blade]] category: Infinity Blade infinity blade, ib
Legion (series) [[Legion (series)]] category: Legion legion, legion series
Mistborn series [[Mistborn (series)]] category: Mistborn mb, mistborn series
Mistborn Era 1 [[Mistborn trilogy]] category: Mistborn Era 1 mbe1, mbt, mistborn trilogy
Mistborn Era 2 [[Mistborn Era 2 category: Mistborn Era 2 mbe2, mba, mistborn adventures
The Reckoners [[The Reckoners]] category: The Reckoners reckoners
Skyward (series) [[Skyward (series)]] category: Skyward skyward, skyward series
The Stormlight Archive [[The Stormlight Archive]] category: Stormlight Archive stormlight, stormlight archive, the stormlight archive, sa
White Sand [[White Sand (series)|White Sand]] category: White Sand white sand, ws
The Wheel of Time [[The Wheel of Time]] category: The Wheel of Time wot, twot, wheel of time, the wheel of time

If the series is unrecognised the page is added to category: unrecognised series tag.

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