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Abilities Smell's delicious to dragons
Can hear spelling and punctuation mistakes
World Unknown
Featured In I Hate Dragons

Skip is a child employed as dragon bait by a group of hunters.

Skip lives on the world known as 'Sixthface', where the residents get magic talents known as knacks. Unfortunately, Skip's first knack is smelling delicious to dragons. This unfortunate ability gets him run out of towns a number of times, before he finds a dragon slaying group. He agrees to join the group as bait.

The group is later hired by a sorceress who takes them into deeper dragon infested land, despite the groups protests. This leads Skip to abandon the group, fearing being eaten by a dragon, but is cornered, alone, by a dragon on his way home. His fate is unknown.[1]

His other knacks include being able to hear spelling and punctuation marks. As such, he is constantly correcting other peoples words, and would like to create a dictionary.


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