Dragon (I Hate Dragons)

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Dragon (I Hate Dragons)
World Cube
Featured In I Hate Dragons
Technically, dragons—being sentient beings—likely have a suicide rate similar to other intelligent creatures. So perhaps this one will kill himself. It’s statistically possible, anyway.
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Dragons are sentient inhabitants of the cube. Presumably they originate from Drakeface, which is completely inhabited by dragons, with additional populations in Sixthface and Dawnface. They vary in size, with 30 feet long being considered rather large. In addition, there exist many varieties of a dragon, such as the Grummager, distinguished by the black shading of the scales that glowed radiant colors when struck by light, as well as the more webbed pattern on the skin of the wings.

Dragons are capable of flight, and are quite agile whilst airborne, but they lose most of that agility while on land, and can only get off the ground with a running start[1].

While one of the dragons said that they are unable to digest anything but humans, it is unknown how much truth there is in that statement.

Dragons have two stomachs, one for food, and one filled with valuables like gold and jewels, the latter feature making them an attractive target for dragon hunters[1].


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