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Abilities Smells delicious to dragons
Hears spelling and punctuation
World Cube
Featured In I Hate Dragons

Skip is a child employed as dragon bait by a group of hunters.

Skip lives on Sixthface on the cube, where people are born with simple magic talents known as knacks. Skip has three knacks, the first and most unfortunate of which is smelling delicious to dragons. His second knack is the ability to hear spelling and punctuation. His third knack is unknown.

As a result of his knack of hearing spelling and punctuation, he is very interested in words and a stickler for grammar and spelling. He would like to become a lexicographer and collect all the words and their spellings into a dictionary.

Skip's ability to smell delicious to dragons got him run out of towns a number of times, before he joined up with Johnston's Spears, Dragon Hunters as dragon bait. The group was later hired by a sorceress from Dawnface who took them into the highlands, looking to hunt and kill a specific dragon. After failing to find the dragon she was looking for, she told the hunters that they would be venturing further into the mountains, where larger and more powerful dragons are common. This led Skip to abandon the group, as he feared finally being eaten by a dragon. However, after leaving the hunters, he was cornered, alone, by a dragon on his way home. His fate is unknown.[1]


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