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This wiki can now have Rhythm of War and Dawnshard spoilers. To view an earlier version of the wiki without these spoilers, go to the Time Machine!

This page details the Coppermind's spoiler policy and provides information on how you can work on newly-released content, even when it is not yet allowed on the Coppermind.

For questions, clarification, and editing coordination, please consider visiting the Coppermind Discord, the work server for the wiki; there will typically be a dedicated channel for newly-released works.

Spoiler Policy[edit]

The Coppermind deals with spoilers in three stages:

  1. Prior to a book's release, no content from it may be added to the wiki. This includes chapters that are released before the official publication date, as happened with Oathbringer and Rhythm of War. The one exception to this is that a book's page may include things Brandon has said about the book and list the readings that he has done from the book. At this stage, a notice reminding people of this policy may be added to all content pages and/or the welcome page (via MediaWiki:Top-notice-ns-0 and MediaWiki:Top-notice-Coppermind:Welcome).
  2. After a book's release, content from it may be added freely. However, for a period of time after the book is released, all pages with content from the book must be tagged with a spoiler warning, with {{spoilers|first book code from Template:B|second book code from Template:B|etc.}}. For example, if an article contains spoilers for Dawnshard, you would add {{spoilers|sa3.5}}. If spoilers from Rhythm of War are then added, you would change this to {{spoilers|sa3.5|sa4}} and, once the Dawnshard spoiler period is over, you would then change this {{spoilers|sa4}}. Once the Rhythm of War spoiler period is over, the template can be removed completely (assuming new books haven't been added). If only one section of a page contains spoilers, you may instead place the spoiler tag at the start of that section.
    • For cosmere novels, articles must be tagged with the spoiler warning until nine months after the book was released
    • For non-cosmere novels, articles must be tagged with the spoiler warning until six months after the book was released
    • For all novellas, graphic novels, and other short works, articles must be tagged with the spoiler warning until three months after the book was released
  3. After the above period has passed, all standard spoiler tags may be removed. Articles that contain extensive spoilers may be given a custom spoiler tag.

Editing before a book is released[edit]

Though spoilers are not allowed on the Coppermind before a book is released, if content is released before a book's official publication, editors are encouraged to work on this new content in a word processing application on their computer or in a Google doc. When this occurs, the Keepers will provide a method for tracking who is working on what, so that editors don't have to worry about duplicating someone else's work. When copying work from off-wiki to the Coppermind, remember to double check that your apostrophes are straight, not curly (working in a text file—.txt file extension—should avoid this problem).

Rhythm of War[edit]

For Rhythm of War, you can discuss spoiler content in the #rhythm-of-war-spoilers channel on Discord and sign-up for articles on this tab of the objectives spreadsheet (though, if you sign up for something, please do also pop in to mention it in Discord).