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This is a link to various help files, policies, and guides as they become available.

New Editor's Guide[edit]

Don't know where to start? This is for you!

  1. Getting Started - create an account and learn how to get around
  2. Guidelines - rules of thumb for style, structure, layout, and etiquette
  3. Markup Basics - how to make your edits look right
  4. References & Citations - how to cite your sources
  5. Images - how to upload and add images
  6. Categories - what categories are and how to use them
  7. Templates - what templates are and how to use them
  8. What now? - where to get more help and what to do next

More Help Pages[edit]

  • Style Guide, for information on writing conventions, capitalization, and other guidelines for the Coppermind)
  • Editing and Wiki Syntax, for help with typesetting potentially unfamiliar wiki syntax.
  • Categorization, for info on categories and the category hierarchy.
  • Article structure, for standard article formats and headers.
  • Discussion, for info on how to participate in talk pages.
  • Speculation, for when it is appropriate to add speculation to an article, and how to do it properly.
  • Namespaces, for the basics on how pages are organized into namespaces
  • Infoboxes, for information on infoboxes
  • Artists, for details about how to get new art and artists into the Coppermind.

Other Documents and Resources[edit]