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World Earth (Snapshot)
Featured In Snapshot

Chaz is a police officer in New Clipperton who partners with Davis in the Snapshots.[1] He worked as a traffic officer in Mexico City and New Clipperton for less than a year before being transferred to Snapshot duty replacing Davis's retiring partner. [2][3]

Chaz sneaks off to sleep with Molly, Davis's ex-wife, whenever Davis spends time with Hal.

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Chaz is known as a bully and an aggressive person, racking up seven complaints in the few months he worked as a traffic officer in New Clipperton.[3] Chaz says he became a cop because he liked the power.[2] After a bar fight, Chaz needed a few fake teeth but decided to replace them all so they would match.[4]

Chaz likes mustard on his burritos and has been trying to get Davis to like it for 3 years.[4]


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