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Anthony Davis
Spouse Molly (Ex)
Children Hal
Homeworld Earth (Snapshot)

Anthony Davis, known simply as Davis, is a police officer in New Clipperton who focuses on investigating crimes by using Snapshots.[1] He has been working in the Snapshots with his partner, Chaz, for a few years but before working in the Snapshot Division he worked on the normal police force for ten years.[2] During a shootout Davis had a guy in his sights but wasn't able to pull the trigger and later Perez, a fellow police officer, was shot and killed by the man who Davis could have killed. As a result, Davis began to have extreme anxiety and was recommended for Snapshot duty. [3]

Davis has been divorced for six months from his ex-wife, Molly. Although the divorce means that Davis isn't allowed to see his son, Hal, Davis visits his son as much as he can in the Snapshot. Davis insists on being the one to turn off the Snapshot because he knows turning off the Snapshot kills the Hal who is in the Snapshot.[3]

After dealing with The Photographer, Davis attempts to kill Chaz, who has been secretly sleeping with Molly while Davis visits Hal. Davis points his gun at Chaz and explains his motives but after thinking about his ex-wife, son, and his own future, Davis decides not to go through with it.[4] It is later revealed that the IRL Davis did shoot and kill Chaz and the Snapshot Davis doesn't shoot because of a Deviation.[5]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Davis is a coin collector, just like his son. He also frequently visits the conspiracy and scanner forums in search of discrepancies in the police reports and then likes to investigate these strange moments when he has free time in the Snapshots.[1] He also smokes.[6]


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