Snapshot (event)

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Snapshot (event)
World Earth (Snapshot)
Featured In Snapshot

A Snapshot is an exact re-creation of the past.[1]

The ability to create Snapshots was developed in the Snapshot Project, which was run by the Restored American Union. When the Union relinquished control over Clipperton, they "allowed" the New Clipperton government to buy the Snapshot Project, for a large fee. The Snapshot facility in New Clipperton is the only official one in the world.[1]

Films about detectives investigating in a Snapshot are popular in the Restored American Union.[1]

The fake people inside a simulation are referred to as dupes.[1]


Brandon's initial premise was that an Epic could create them,[2] but because of conflicts with film rights, Snapshot is not in the Reckoners universe "right now."[3]


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