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Hey all, I created the account because I was annoyed by the connections between the different Rosharan history articles on the website. Shardslayer (talk) 20:53, 15 January 2015 (UTC)

History of Roshar[edit]

Event Racial/Religious Association Date Sub-event of
Shattering cosmere ca. 10500 ya cosmere history
(War in the) Tranquiline Halls Vorin Pre-History
Expulsion to Roshar Vorin Pre-History
The Desolations ??-4500 ya
Foundation of the Knights Radiant* >4500 ya The Desolations
Aharietiam 4500 ya The Desolations
The Day of Recreance Vorin 2500-1500 ya[1]
Hierocracy Vorin 1500-300 ya
War of Loss Vorin ca. 870
Unification of Alethkar* Alethkar ??-1166 History of Alethkar
Assassination of Gavilar* Alethkar 1167 War of Reckoning/History of Alethkar
War of Reckoning Alethkar 1167-1174 History of Alethkar
Unrest in Jah Kaved* Vorin Kingdoms Related to current events??
The True Desolation/The Everstorm 1174
*proposed additions to the timeline

Questions for Research[edit]

  1. When was the Silver Kingdoms Epoch?

    'The stories,' he continued between puffs, 'they prove it. What happened to the Heralds? They abandoned us. What happened to the Knights Radiant? They fell and became tarnished. What happened to the [Silver] Epoch Kingdoms? They crashed when the church tried to seize power. You can't trust anyone with power, Syl.'

    —Kaladin to Sylphrena[2]
  2. When was the way of kings written/Nohadon ruled?
  3. How many years between desolations?
  4. When was the recreance?
    Between 4500-1500 years ago. It is not entirely clear when it takes place. Although in the scene Dalivar sees at Feverstone keep, the level of technology present, i.e. leather and bronze armor, seems to be consistent with the period soon after the desolations.
    If the recreance happened near the time of the last desolation, what happened with the next ~3300 years?
  5. When did the Heirocracy Begin?
    It is unlikely that the Heirocracy had a specific start date. Likely it was a gradual change in Vorinism which had it's roots either from, or possibly slightly before, and recreance. There was a dichotomy between the heroic knights radiant reveared in vorinism, and the fallen knights of the recreance.
  6. When was the Vorin Church founded?