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The disease infobox template describes diseases in Brandon Sanderson's works that don't exist in our world.


|world= / earth=


Highlighted lines indicate mandatory parameters. On lines with multiple parameters (e.g. |world= / earth=) pick only the one most appropriate.

{{Disease}} Parameters
Parameter Description Examples
image Use this to display a relevant image hosted on the Coppermind.

See Help:Infoboxes for further details.


symptoms Use this to list the symptoms of the disease.


Use this to specify the planet where the disease can be found.

Note: Automatically generates a link. To bypass this, use 'world.
See Help:Infoboxes for further details.


universe Use this to indicate the (connected) universe where the disease can be found.

See Help: Infoboxes for further details.

|universe=[[Wode]] [[State]]s

Categories & Tags

Pages that make use of the disease template will be added to Category:Lifeforms and Category: Diseases.

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