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Profession Medievalist
World Earth (Frugal Wizard)
Featured In The Frugal Wizard's Handbook for Surviving Medieval England
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Jen is a medieval historian and Runian's former partner.[1]


Jen, John, and Ryan Chu were friends at least as early as high school. During that time, Jen quickly found an interest in history.[2]

At some point, Jen began dating John. Two weeks later, she started secretly cheating on John with Ryan.[1] Jen and John often argued during their relationship.[3]

Eventually, Jen infiltrated Ulric Stromfin's organization, using her knowledge as a medievalist to involve herself with his dimension projects. During her infiltration, she pretended be on a trip in Europe[4] and let John think she had died in an accident.[1]

When the hordamen began their attack on Maelport, Jen escaped with Ryan through the dimensional portal to the police department headquarters.[1]


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