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Siblings Woden
Aliases Thokk
World Earth (Frugal Wizard)
Featured In The Frugal Wizard's Handbook for Surviving Medieval England

Logna, known as Thokk in her human alias, is a deity worshiped by the Weswarans. She is called "mother of monsters" and "stealer of words".[1] She refers to Woden as her brother, but works against him.[2]

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Logna can alter probabilities and manipulate small objects like a wight, though more powerfully than most wights.[3] She can create fire to burn letters into the ground, known as "Logna's Fire"; this is recognized by the Weswarans as distinct from Thunor's fire that burns up writing.[4] She can form a body to interact with people, but too much presence of people or things from "upstream" dimensions prevents this. Destroying a phone prevented her from re-forming a body until the next day, and she is unable to affect Ulric Stromfin.[5] However, she can touch technological objects from upstream to a small degree when embodied; she can use a laptop, though it burns her fingers. She has the power to "steal any word", which allows her to discover passwords.[6]


Logna originally arrived in the dimension inhabited by the Weswarans in the distant past, swimming upstream from other realities. She influenced John West's "random" dimensional jump, causing him to arrive in that dimension.[6] During his travels, she assisted him, pretending to be a wight. She also accompanied him in disguise as Thokk. Ealstan recognized that Thokk was Logna, though John did not.[5]

After the Hordamen led by Woden are defeated, Logna explains that by continuously moving around, John can continue to live in this dimension without harming the wights, and his presence will protect Sefawynn from Woden's retaliation. This allows John to stay and marry Sefawynn.[2][6] Logna begins researching the dimensional portal technology.[6]


Logna appears to be the Weswaran equivalent of Loki from the real world's Norse mythology. As she is called "mother of monsters", and in Norse mythology the wolf Fenrir is the son of Loki, Fenris is likely Logna's son.


  • Thokk is a mythological alias and disguise likely used by Loki in Norse mythology.[7]


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