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Homeworld Earth (Frugal Wizard)
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Friag is a deity worshiped by the Weswarans. She is said to be the wife of Woden and mother of Thunor, and the inventor of writing.[1] Sefawynn calls her "the great heroine".

As Sefawynn tells the story, during the war between the Weswarans and the Waelish led by the Black Bear, the Black Bear freed the great wolf Fenris, threatening the end of the world. Friag arrived to fight, and her boasts drove back the Black Bear and "bound him to his land". She also bound Fenris, but the wolf killed her in the process.[2] This battle was known as the battle of Badon. It occurred in the time of Ealstan's grandfather.[3]

In response to her death, Woden forbade mortals to use writing. The skops, who now preserve knowledge, are called "Friag's heritage".[2]


  • Given her relationship with Woden and Thunor, it is likely that she is the Weswaran equivalent to Freyja. It is possible her name is a combination of Frigg and Freya, two goddesses often hypothesized to share an origin.[4]


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