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World Earth (Frugal Wizard)
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Weswara is the homeland of the Weswarans.[1] It is on the island equivalent to Britain, along with the Waelish kingdom of the Black Bear. Hordaland lies to the east, across the ocean.

Weswara is threatened from both directions, between the Black Bear's kingdom and the Hordamen from the sea. Life there is generally harsh, and people are focused on the needs of survival.[2]

Weswara is governed by thegns (who oversee a village), reeves (an intermediate authority), and earls (controlling large areas). The title of bretwalda is roughly equivalent to king, but it appears to be currently vacant.

Weswara is fairly thinly populated. The earldom centered at Maelport includes ten villages as well as the city, and is about a five-day walk - perhaps a hundred miles - across[3].

Settlements in Weswara include Stenford, Wellbury, and Maelport.


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