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Random notes[edit]

Adam Making
  • literature
  • Author
  • personal astronomer and scientist of King Gregory III
  • page 284, Chapter 20

If His Majesty hadn't been carrying one of Master Freudland's new-style pocket watches, perhaps none of this would hafe ever occurred, and man might have fallen to the wild chalklings.

—quote from Adam Making's journal (page 284)
Master Freudland
  • made "new-style pocket watches at the time of King Gregory III
  • page 284
King Gregory III
  • exiled from Britannia (?) during the expansion of the JoSeun Empire (?)
  • was taken in by the American Isles "despite earlier tensions"
  • came to great religious power
  • discovered Rithmatics
Glyph of Rending
  • A glyph that makes chalklings attack and hurt humans and presumably push on things.
The Melee
  • Kind of a big duel where all the Rithmatic professors send up to twelve students to fight.
inception ceremony
  • religious ceremony on every fourth of July
  • each child that had its eighth birthday was involved
  • special preparations (i.e. a robe)
  • child left in a room for inception
  • when the child comes out it draws a line and either is a Rithmatist or not
  • Rithmatists don't talk about what happens in this chamber
Theoretical Postulations on Developmental Rithmatics, Revised Edition
  • with a Foreword by Attin Balazmed
  • literature
  • book
  • one of the books, Nalizar looked at at the library
Postulations on the Possibility of New and Undiscovered Rithmatic Lines
  • literature
  • book
  • Author: Gerald Taffington
Trent Saxon
  • Joel's father
  • died eight years ago from a springrail accident
  • that accident happened on third of July; he died on fourth of July
  • profession: chalkmaker
  • obsession: finding new Rithmatic lines
Lilly Whithing
  • Rithmatist student at Armedius Academy
  • first victim
Herman Libel
  • Rithmatist student at Armedius Academy
  • second victim
  • son of Margaret and Leland Libel
  • age 16
Charles Calloway
  • Rithmatist student at Armedius Academy
  • Son of Didrich Calloway, knight-senator of East Carolina
  • third victim
  • left a picture made of charcoal and notes