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Died Unknown
Powers Possession of the living, Bolting
Species Poltergeist (formerly human)
Residence New York City
Nationality United States of America
Universe Standalone
Featured In Dreamer

TheGannon is a poltergeist, the spirit of a dead young man who must possess the bodies of living people. He is part of a group of gamer poltergeists, including Dreamer, that play games like "capture the flag" and "cops and robbers," using living bodies like "lives" in a video game.

During one such game, he was on a team with Dreamer, Longshot, Icer, and Rabies, attempting to stop Phi before he could get to Longshot. TheGannon was assigned to guard the building where Longshot was hiding. At some point in the game, he and Longshot had an argument and he left.[1]


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