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Kel spooks the Ire until they give him the gem.
Kelsier decides that stealing the orb from the vault would be too risky and difficult, so he merely waits until they come out with it. After about a week, the Ire and some guards leave the fortress on horseback. Kelsier stalks them. Every night they stop and make camp, drinking something that restores the glow to their skin. Kelsier spooks Alonoe by pretending to be Ruin. He continues to terrorize them as they press on, convinced that since "Ruin" can only threaten them, he can't stop them. He causes full out panic when he slices the leg of a horse with Nazh's knife and creates a Ruin puppet from a flaming cloak. Alonoe gets separated from the main group, and he fakes her death by wearing a robe from the fortress and "melting" into the ground, causing the main group to head home. He knocks out the guard with Alonoe and whispers from the shadows to leave the orb. She's terrified and complies. He orders her to walk back to the castle.
== Part 6: Hero ==
== Part 6: Hero ==

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