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Groups Council of Five
Species Singer
Nationality Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

No. It is not right.

— Zuln on a proposed transformation of the Parshendi to stormform.[1]

Zuln is a listener woman who serves on the Parshendi ruling council, the Council of Five in their city of Narak in 1173.[2]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Zuln takes on dullform, and as a result is often quiet.[2] She considers it her duty to represent not only the dullforms, but the slaveforms, or regular parshmen of Roshar. To this end, she wears the smock of a parshman. She also serves as a reminder of the Parshendi's past.


Zuln agrees to the compromise that allows Eshonai to take on stormform and report back to the Five on its effects.[2] She dislikes what she saw, and disagrees with the proposed mass transformation of the Parshendi into stormform, much to Eshonai's rage.[1] When Eshonai takes control of the Parshendi in her coup, Zuln agrees to take on stormform, but Eshonai does not trust her and has Zuln placed with the others who refuse to take on stormform. Zuln likely escapes with Thude and the rest of the dissenters into the chasms of the Shattered Plains.


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