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Profession DDF pilots
Groups DDF
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Callsign: Zing is a transport pilot in the Defiant Defense Force.[1]


When Skyward Flight went on a mission to Evershore to retrieve Admiral Cobb and Gran-Gran, Zing served as the transport pilot for Kel and Winnow, the two medical technicians on the mission.[1] Zing often operated a radio for communication use, though was at one point asked by Juno to turn it off so as not to distract Jorgen from concentrating on a nowhere portal.[1]

Zing stayed with Kel and Winnow for most of the mission, until Rig and Jorgen hyperjumped Detritus to Evershore and caused a tidal wave. Zing, who was in the kitsen library at the time, used the transport to help evacuate kitsen civilians out of the city of Dreamspring at Jorgen's order.[2]


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