Zen Rigby

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Zen Rigby
Zen Rigby Legion Skin Deep.jpg
Profession Assassin
Homeworld Earth (Legion)
Introduced In Legion: Skin Deep

Zen Rigby is an assassin that is hired to trail Stephen Leeds.[1]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

She is short, and has dark skin and straight black hair.[1][2] Her clothing is chic, and she often wears a pantsuit and white blouse.[2][3] She does not wear jewelry.[2] She is generally no-nonsense, well-prepared, and very calm in tense situations,[2] although it is possible to rattle her.[3]


Zen was hired by Exeltec to trail Stephen Leeds during the I3 fiasco. She went to dinner at the same place he did under the alias Carol Westminster.[4][1] The following day, she tailed him from his house to the coroner's office,[5] where she confronted him.[2] Ostensibly trying to obtain the flash drive he's holding, her actual purpose there was to bug him so she knew where he was going.[6] After Stephen goes to Denny's, Zen confronted him at his car. She told Stephen to get out of the car with his aspects, but, after letting his aspects (all but Audrey, unbeknownst to Zen) leave, she restrained Stephen and told Dion Maheras to drive or she'll shoot him. The car, driven by Dion and carrying Stephen and Zen, went to a solitary house, where she put Dion and Stephen in the cellar.[7] Several minutes later, she received instructions to kill Stephen and requested that he come outside for "individual questioning".[8] Stephen recognized the ploy and stalled for a few minutes until Zen received a phone call informing her that Stephen was now president of Exeltec. Zen then put away the gun and reverted to a cover story of trying to worry Stephen with the gun so that she can't be charged with attempted murder.[3]


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