Zeen Nightshade

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Zeen Nightshade
Spensa' Family.PNG
Spouse Spensa's mother
Children Spensa
Parents Becca
Ancestors Spensa's great-grandfather, Spensa's great-grandmother
Died Battle of Alta[1]
Abilities Cytonics
Titles Callsign: Chaser[1]
The Coward of Alta[2]
Profession DDF pilots
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

To me, there is only one clan that matters: humankind. Before we crashed here, we were all part of the same fleet—and someday all the wandering clans will remember that. They will come when we call them. They'll gather together, and we’ll form a city and build a civilization again.


Zeen Nightshade callsign Chaser is a former DDF pilot.

Attributes and Abilities

He is a skilled starfighter pilot and a cytonic.[3][4][expand]


Shortly before the Battle of Alta, he was with Spensa on the surface when he noticed unusual debris falls that turn out to be Krell attack.[1] Upon call, he joined the fight.[1] Near the end of the fight, he started to act erratically. He first seemed to be able to react to Krell fighters before they acted. Then, he flew out from an opening of the debris field, to where the Krell came from. After a while, he returned and started to fire at friendly ships. Realizing he was maddened, Ironsides ordered him shot down by Cobb, his wingmate.[4] Afterwards, he was known to public not as a turncoat but as a deserter. This also caused Spensa to be branded as "the daughter of a coward."[1][expand]


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